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Need help to fix your Wix? 

Steph at Catchlight Design is a Christchurch-based Wix expert and knows all the tricks to help you get the Wix website you need.

Image of Christchurch Wix web designer Steph Haskell hard at work.

Perhaps you've been asking yourself these questions...

  • Why is this taking so much of my time? 

  • How can I get the mobile version to look right? 

  • Can someone just please build it for me? 

I get it - building a Wix website isn't everyone's cup of tea.
But it is mine.


How I help

You need to stand out from the crowd and your website needs to look professional and suit your brand. I can spot a home-made website from miles away and your customers can too. 

Image of web designer getting the process right for your Wix website.

A proven process to get exactly what you want & need

Illustration of charts to measure your Wix website success by Catchlight Design

Expert help with all the various Wix apps and features

Image of machine to represent your Wix website working smarter not harder.
Get your Wix website working smarter (not harder)
Image of happy client winning the race by Catchlight NZ
Support & training so you can keep it maintained yourself

A couple of before & afters

Move the sliders to see some Wix websites before and after my updates. 

Photo of Steph Haskell, Christchurch Wix website designer from Catchlight

Let me build your DIY website for you

Obviously, building a Wix website is something you could do yourself, for free. 


You could also paint your own house and fix your own car, but it always comes down to time, motivation and skills. If you're a small business owner I bet you already are stretched for time. Would you rather be building a website or working ON your business?

My work

Custom designed & customer focussed Wix websites. 

Some happy customers

“I can't thank Steph enough for her help with setting up my website! She is so patient and helpful.
She helped to streamline a design I had created myself, and made it so sharp!”

Little Wildflower Collective

“We contacted Wix for an expert programmer and we discovered Steph and Catchlight.  We were so impressed with her work that she is now our 'go-to'.  She has a design eye, understands our business and how to do business. Her work is outstanding.”

Richard, Simplify2Perform

“Steph has been amazing to work with!  She took the time to fit the website to my personality which was important to me and I couldn't be happier with what she has done. I highly recommend her work.”

AMTax Solutions

Are you ready to have the Wix website you've always dreamed of?

Get in touch below and let's get started!

Thanks for filling this out. I'll be in touch shortly. 

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